Club Volunteer

You will need your FA Number (FAN). If you are new to your role you can create or retrieve your FAN on the Whole Game System log-in page. 

Once you have logged into your Portal, you will see the “My DBS” tile on the left-hand side of the page.

When you click on the “My DBS” tile you will be able to select the Club which you will be applying for your DBS for. 

If you volunteer at more than one Club, the option may arise to select one of two/three.

At this stage of the process, an automated email will be sent to you as the DBS Applicant via your email address on your FAN, you then need to:

  • Log into GBG (following the link within the automated email);
  • Choose the identity documents (ID) that you wish to have verified;
  • Submit your DBS for verification;
  • A verification meeting between the CWO and the applicant must now be arranged. Should you need to provide alternative ID the verifier can amend the selection during the verification process;
  • The CWO now logs into GBG and verifies your documents.

The GB Group will then submit your DBS check to the Disclosure and Barring Service and changes in your application status are reflected in the Whole Game System. 

Club Welfare Officer (CWO) 

  • Club adds individual to role of club-DBS applicant;
  • Individual has My DBS tile in portal;
  • Individual initiates DBS check from portal;
  • Account PIN, FAN and contact details sent to GB Group;
  • GB Group and Online Disclosures follow normal process;
  • Updates sent to WGS as application proceeds;
  • DBS updates automatically if disclosure completes clear.